Ta Meri - Integrated City 

Why “Ta Meri City-Stata”?

The full implementation of the DDPA and IDPAD is to facilitate a return and resettlement of DEAUS. 


A city-state is a city that has its own sovereignty, meaning that it is its own country. There were many important city-states in ancient Egypt and Greece. Nowadays, cities may have differing degrees of self-governance. In order to be considered a city-state, a city must govern itself independently, by regulating its own taxes, or having independent representation at the United Nations


Ta Meri Africa - Home away from home. The City  refers to a location where DEAUS repatriates feel at home similar to their own abode in the United States. We speak their language and understand African-American culture. 

The City-State (Resolution) will be an enclave of Kha-Nu an in alignment with the vision of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the Diaspora Legacy Projects. It  will be mixed-use environment consisting of residential, business, research, commercial, industrial, tourism, social and recreation amenities.

Kha-Nu’s International Business, Human Resources, Research and Development HUB.


The HUB’s will offer repatriates valuable office space, networking opportunities and business advice to support DEAUS startups and other  companies in developing Ta Meri economy and their businesses in Africa.  Listed below are some of KNC HUB's investment  initiatives:

• Real estate development
• Medical and Treatment Training facilities
• Culture and Rehabilitation Center
• All African Woman Holistic Health, Research and Training facilities
• Manufacturing and manufacturing research facilities.
• Credit Union/Bank and much more

Won’t you join us to develop your “city of return” in Africa? We’re counting on you to take stock in this vision.