Kha-Nu Proposal Sponsorship to the United Nations/African Union.

The Kha-Nation(al) Community is seeking sponsorship of a Proposal from member states of the United Nations and/or African Union for our Right of Return and Self-Determination under international law. "It only take a signature."



Assistance may also be made available through other arrangements involving United States Government agencies, non-governmental organizations, individuals, private firms, public international organizations or other entities.


For development to last, there is need for good governance. It is very important to ensure that good governance forms the basis of, and accompanies, development. Otherwise, there will be no sustainable development or “sustainable human development."


Science and technology are key drivers to development, because technological and scientific revolutions underpin economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure.

Sustainable Human Development


The Kha-Nu people are descendants of enslaved Africans from the United States whose pathways to sustainable human development on the basis of economically prosperous. Kha-Nu will be a socially inclusive, sustainable, and well governed society that will can urgently address and overcome the enormous, complex, and inter-related ecological challenges we face in the land of Kha-Nu. 

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