Very terrifying map of Africa: How desert, and best friend water, could be our worst enemies


Another phenomenon that will significantly alter the continent’s landscape is desertification. 

Desertification is caused by multiple direct and indirect factors. It occurs because drylands ecosystems are extremely vulnerable to over-exploitation and inappropriate land use. In Africa, because approximately two-thirds of the African continent is desert or drylands, a great proportion of the continent is at high risk. 

recent study estimated that desertification processes affect 46% of Africa, and 55% of that area is at high or very high risk. The worst affected areas are along desert margins and today in total about 485 million people are affected. 

Today, the impact of desertification can be seen in the displaced communities from Lake Turkana, Darfur, around Lake Chad to the northern parts of Mali, Niger, Chad and the Central African Republic, who are migrating and increasingly displaced. 

Kha-Nu State, pioneering desert living for the future in Africa

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