Ta Meri 
(City Development)

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KNC mission:

To create social impact by implementing policy for the repatriation of descendants of enslaved Africans in the U.S. into a sustainable development City, Ta Meri, in Africa.

KNC  side events will take place at the UN Headquarters to highlight our resettlement resolution(side events) . KNC will have conferences, workshops, town hall meeting and fundraising events to support our initiatives.

Our initiatives are centered around the "return and resettlement" of descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States (DEAUS African-Americans) into a satellite city development claimed and or ceded land in Africa.

Ta Meri will be DEAUS gateway to Africa. This is an investment dream to invest in the development of an integrated city in Africa. New business opportunities from tourism to international business opportunities.


Our mission is the “Return and Resettlement” of Descendants of Enslaved Africans in the United States (DEAUS) to Africa into a City-State, Ta Meri (claimed/ceded territory) in Africa.




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